The easiest way to play blackjack

The game is widely known throughout the world, and many people say that if you have all the blackjack switch online, there will be more than any other table. And there's also a game of roulette and dice and poker! But it's the first time the blackjack is leading... The card is worth 11 points or 1 point in case of over-shooting, pictures (jack, queen, king) by 10 points, the rest of the card face value, so it's worth 10 points.

Blackjack is a combination of ace and 10 points. If the player wins, the player pays the player in the proportion of the stake he has won (or 1.5 stake, which is essentially the same). The casino's biggest game is played with six cards, without a cuckoo clock. There are 312 cards in the package. These cards are shuffled and arranged into a separate place called a ""sabot".". It's like they're taking a card out of the dealer. The game is played by the casino's players. The aim is to be 21 points or nearly there.

The bet is dismissed if the player's total exceeds 21 points. The dealer shall be allowed to win all players after 21 points. The winners will be the players who have the higher points. In case the sum of the cards is less than the dealer, "overflows" shall be lost. The dealer does not decide the game itself. If the sum of the points is less than 16, the applicant must take another card. If the amount is more than 17, he must stop.

There are opportunities for players

A round or "push" move. This is when the dealer's points are the same as the player's points. The dealer does not pay anything in this case. In addition, in the case of a draw, the dealer is still the winner of the game, "twenty-one.". To take or double. If the two cards are 9, 10 or 11, the dealer will offer the player a double bet, but only one more card.

The two cards may be doubled, but the player must remember it and the dealer doesn't forget it. You can also double after the split. He's a split card. If the player is the same value of the first two cards, he may also split them by placing another bet. So play with each other. Betting is won or lost on its own. In addition, the player will only have one card from each ace. He rejected it. He rejected him. If the player considers himself to be clearly losing after the first two cards, he can take half of the bet and discard the cards. If the dealer's got a turn, he'll have to do it.

The split will not be played. Insurance, I'm sure. If the dealer's face card is an ace, players may put a contract on the insurance at half the amount they want to pay. That's because the dealer has blackjack. All bets are lost except for the blackjack cards. The insurance is paid at a rate of 2: 1. If the dealer doesn't have blackjack, he's lost the game.

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