CHAPLAINS is a new 2-hour documentary film that takes the viewer into the dynamic world of chaplains – men and women who represent their own particular faith tradition but are trained to be of comfort and support to everyone – religious or not.

With a tradition dating back centuries, chaplains today are on the front lines – often in the midst of life and death situations – where the questions are the deepest and the need for spiritual and pastoral care the greatest.


The ADVENTISTS Trilogy is a special collection of three award-winning one-hour films now airing on PBS stations. The ADVENTISTS profiles Seventh-day Adventist health care and their keys to healthy living. The ADVENTISTS 2 looks at the health care message around the world. The BLUEPRINT explores how Adventists build one of the leading private school systems in America.


Ellen White, whose vision helped form the Seventh-day Adventist church, also mapped out a “Blueprint” for whole child education that included a focus on body, mind and spirit. Today Adventists have one of the most unique and successful private schools systems in the nation. This film tells the story of how it began and the keys to its success.


This Gabriel Award-winning film became an Amazon best seller and a “darling” on PBS stations. It tells the story of who Seventh-day Adventists are, what they believe and why their focus on healthy living and the creation of leading health care facilities have made them some of the healthiest people on the plant.



“Powerful and shocking” NY Times

“An heroic odyssey illuminated with admirable clarity” – LA Times 

This critically acclaimed documentary classic tells the dramatic story of one of the great Christian figures of the last century – Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A triumph when it was released theatrically to capacity crowds, the film brings to life the man who was beloved pastor, prophetic writer and Nazi resister.

The Power of Forgiveness

Seven stories weave together to shed light on one of the greatest challenging facing every human being – forgiveness. This award-winning film includes segments with the Amish, Northern Ireland, Elie Wiesel, Thich Nhat Hanh and others, and interviews with Marianne Williamson and Thomas Moore.

Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa

This Hallmark Channel docu-drama follows the young Albert Schweitzer from his days as one of Europe’s great Bach organists to his life-changing commitment to build a hospital and serve the sick in the jungles of West Africa. That service made him a humanitarian legend around the world and ultimately won him the Nobel Prize for Peace. But Schweitzer’s commitment to Africa would test his family life. Filmed on location in Strasburg and in Gabon where the Schweitzer hospital still stands today.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: A View from the Mountain

This 2-hour film confronts the life and legacy of Thomas Jefferson whose words and notions of democracy inspired a nation to freedom, but at the same time he refused to free his own slaves. It is the story of one of the most enlightened men our nation has ever known and inner struggles he faced as a Virginia planter. “Doblmeier manages to treat the many sides of Jefferson with intelligence and depth” Washington Post

The Heart Has Its Reasons

In the 1960’s Jean Vanier began a series of small communities for men and women with mental handicaps based on the Sermon on the Mount. Those communities are now a world-wide movement known as l’Arche. In the last half century Vanier coupled his philosophical brilliance with his simple life in the community to become one of the great spiritual voices of our times. This classic film (1984) captures him at his best. Gabriel Award winner.

Taize: That Little Springtime

Nestled in the hills of southern France is a small community of monastic men that has captured the world’s imagination. Founded by Brother Roger as a community of reconciliation that brings together different nationalities and religions into a common spiritual life – the music of Taize and spirit of peace attracts pilgrims – especially young people – from across the globe. Includes interviews with the late founder Brother Roger.

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